The Sedge Wren

Referred to as the “feathered mouse”, the Sedge Wren is most easily seen in his nesting territory during breeding season.  During this time one must simply listen for his song and follow by ear.  With patience, the vociferous little wren can be viewed.  These guys were plentiful at Dunn Ranch and adjacent Pawnee prairies this past July.  This species has been affected by the destruction wet prairies, meadows and wetland type habitats that they rely upon.

IMG_8897“Sunshine & Song”

IMG_9034“Con Fuoco”


Upland Sandpiper

Every since I heard of the weird sandpiper that decided to live in the plains, away from considerable amounts of water, I dreamed of seeing and photographing them.  Our trip this summer to Dunn Ranch Prairie provided for that, adding a new bird to both Steve’s and my life lists.

IMG_8651 “Upland Sandpiper, Dunn Ranch Prairie, 2013”

IMG_8737“Upland Sandpiper in Flight, Dunn Ranch Prairie, 2013”