3 comments on “Ozark Bill Travels West

  1. Beaming with fond memories, my friend! Love how you’re unfolding the story. Image titles are perfect! Hope they’re all well on their way or newly arrived in Central America by now. What a journey for these fledglings, so new to the world! Incredible.

    Thank you, sir!

  2. Harrison: “Nest in tree 7-30 ft above ground, generally on horizontal limb or fork, sometimes in crotch; also on utility poles, windmills, towers, bridge frameworks. Nest roughly built of forbs, twigs, rootlets, cotton, wool, sometimes rags, corn husks, twine; lined with cotton, Indian tobacco, rootlets, horsehair. Eggs: 3-6, commonly 4-5. Indistinguishable from Easter and Western Kingbirds. Notes: Author found 16 nests in 1 day in Runnels, Taylor, Callahan Counties, Texas, all in roadside mesquite trees, all 7-13 ft above ground, most 7-8 feet. Of 9 nests that could be examined, 1 had 3 eggs, 5 had 4, 3 had 5.”

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