An Artist’s Resume for Handsome Ozark Billy Boy…

“Ozark Bill” Duncan is a lifelong resident of the St. Louis Metropolitan area.  Bill’s education was primarily focused in the life sciences, but he has completed art and photography curriculum in high school and university.  Bill’s education and passion with the natural world has melded together with his interest in art and photography to form a naturalist who is focused on continued learning and capturing what he is passionate about in the photographic medium.  Conservation and ecological restoration are an important part of these activities and Bill has donated a number of photographs for use by The Nature Conservancy and other organizations.


Certificate in Fine Art Photography
University of Missouri St. Louis -2003


Art at the Shaw Nature Reserve Annual Show & Sale -2013
Northern Arts Council “Holiday Boutique” -2013
Northern Arts Council “Peace on Earth” -2014
Art at the Shaw Nature Reserve Annual Show & Sale -2014
Art at the Shaw Nature Reserve Annual Show & Sale -2015
Art at the Shaw Nature Reserve Annual Show & Sale -2016

Photo Contests

Webster Groves Nature Study Society’s 2nd Nature Photography Contest (2015)
-Seasons Category: 1st Place, Honorable Mention
-Vertebrates Category: 2nd Place, Honorable Mention
-Best of Show: 2nd Place

Community Involvement and Teaching

Webster Groves Nature Society’s Nature Photography Group Chairperson Aug 2016 – Present


Nature photography blog

4 comments on “An Artist’s Resume for Handsome Ozark Billy Boy…

  1. Very nice to have met you today at Hawn, Bill. Hope I didn’t keep you too long… you were in grave danger of endless chatter on my part. In my experience, it’s rare to find a scholar’s mind and a poet’s heart in the same body, but you certainly seem to possess both. I quickly perceived that you are no average weekend nature enthusiast, but still wasn’t prepared for the spectacular quality of your photos and blog. Even your writing is great. Should you ever leave your current work, I don’t think you’d go hungry as a full-time outdoor photo journalist! Can’t wait to view all your bird shots; the ones I’ve seen so far have evoked not only a sense of wonder and beauty, but a longing to visit the areas myself. So again, truly a pleasure to have met you, and many thanks for access to the fruits of your Ozark journeys. May see you atop Hughes Mountain one evening; it’s a frequent retreat for me, as well. Until then, may God bless you.

    Stephen Price

    PS – Just last month I became acquainted with the work of Mark Kelley in Alaska. Check it out when you have a moment:

  2. Bill it was a pleasure to meet your at the Green Center. Finally made it to your blog. Really enjoyed the images!
    Hope to go out sometime this year with you.

    Casey Galvin

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