White-eyed Vireo Nest – Part One

May seems such a long time ago. I don’t know how I get so behind on photo processing, but, better late than never. Here is the first of what will probably be three videos with stills of the White-eyed Vireo nest found by Miguel Acosta at Weldon Spring C.A. this past spring. I hope you like it.


Hard Working and Looking Pretty

Here is one of the parents taking off again to go hunting.  As this exposure was taken the bird was in just such a position for its long tail to be in direct light that made it through the persimmon branches.  This light, effectively “blew it out”, creating an interesting effect.  Of course the youngsters just want more tucker.  😉

IMG_7885“Hard-Working and Looking Pretty”

Ozark Bill Travels West

Going on four months ago, Steve and I made a road trip to the western half of the state to find some birds of the plains, run with bison, and generally harass any other creatures that we might encounter.  Our primary destination was Dunn Ranch Prairie, a Nature Conservancy tallgrass prairie habitat, but there were other stops along the way.  This looking like a week that winter is first saying its hello, I thought it might be time to remember July.

Our first stop on our journey was Tucker Prairie CA, located near Columbia.  This was a small patch of prairie, located within sight of busy Interstate 70.  On an isolated Persimmon tree near the parking pull-in we found these guys.

IMG_7984“Four Patient Ones” 

Here’s Mom trying her best…

IMG_8068“Is That All You Brought?”

Dad helped out once in a while.  Here he brought a dragonfly…


 “Are You Sure It’s Dead?”

This is where and how we left them.  We knew they were within mere days of fledging.  We also knew we were at risk of staying and watching these guys until they did.  With our heads full of second thoughts we continued our trip to the north-west, wondering and hoping the young ones the best.

With dutiful mom watching over how could anything go wrong?