“There are those who say that only spring is beautiful, and hie themselves to a warmer climate for the winter months.  There are others, who, without the means of fleeing from the beauties about them at all seasons, waste their happiness with complaining.  And there are some who must even go to Europe for scenery, and poets as well.  But give me my native land at all hours of the day, all seasons of the year, and for all the years of my life; because its beauties, its interests and its ennobling influences are intended for its sons above all others.  And have no fear, all who may doubt, that anyone by trying may get far more of use from a stroll over its hills, than even I did on this momentous ‘Tramp in November”

-Aldo Leopold


“Autumn Regality”

Ozark Bill Said Let There Be Ozark Light! “Tatanka”

This is the first post of Ozark Bill Presents – Ozark Light!

This image was taken on a trip that the wife and I went on this past fall.  Our destination was Big Spring SP to stay in the cabins a few days.  On our way out-of-town we stopped at Lone Elk Park to hopefully catch some sexual excitement of the Elk rut.  Not too many Elk were seen doing interesting things on this visit.  We did, however, get to watch some bison up close.  I converted to this sepia-toned version using PS-Elements 9 and Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 software.

Tatanka is the Lakota word meaning “bull-bison” or “buffalo”.  Did you know…?  Buffalo is not the correct name for this species as the name buffalo is used to describe species in Asia.

Technical details: Canon EOS 50D camera, EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens @ 191mm, ISO 640,  f/6.3, 1/80 sec