Three Random Birds

Before we get to a few birds from this spring… Why do people like Adobe Lightroom so much?  I know it definitely helps in cataloging my images and I am better off than what I was before, but the hassle and bugs I have to deal with…  Just yesterday, we lost power during the storms and then next time I was able to load up LR, all my settings went back to default!  I guess I should be thankful that all of my images appear to be in the right spot. Computers…

Hermit Thrush

Such a silent bird.  Whenever I am lucky enough to cross its path, it is almost always found by eyesight.  This guy patiently hung out with me for a bit.

Hermit Thrush
Hermit Thrush

Mallard Drake

Pretty much a staple in the pond at my working location.  Sometimes I don’t seem to bother them, while others I cause them to flush.

Mallard Drake in Repose
Mallard Drake in Repose


Brown Creeper

I have seen these guys all over the place this spring.  Always one of my favorites, it has been a real treat to seem them so regularly the past two weeks.

The Creeper
The Creeper


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