Nesting Birds of Missouri – Kentucky Warbler

The Kentucky Warbler’s chury, chury, chury can sometimes be difficult to discern from the songs of the Ovenbird or the Carolina Wren.  This warbler builds its nest usually just off the ground, confined within heavy vegetation, and often are parasitized by Brown-headed Cowbird.  This guy was coaxed out with a little playback in a woody thicket near the parking lot at Greer Spring.  Check out the short tail, easily evident in this photo, which is a good field mark for this species.

Kentucky Warbler
Kentucky Warbler

2 thoughts on “Nesting Birds of Missouri – Kentucky Warbler

  1. Bill, I’ve been browsing through your pics and enjoying them. This Kentucky Warbler, for example. I get a kick out of the delicate little feet of most songbirds. I got some decent footage of the Virginia Rail today, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you post. If you have the time, send me an email with a link. I was completely disgusted to discover, as I went through my footage, that I had no Sora Rail footage. Dammit, I had a pair of them close up and apparently I hadn’t hit the record button. Anyway, we both enjoyed meeting you.

    1. Hi Jo!

      It was nice seeing the two of you today. It seems like Connie and I have been running into each other a lot lately. I am glad you and I had a chance to meet.

      Too bad about the Sora! Good thing is they are one of the more abundant rails and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them again. With a resource like Connie, I’m sure that will not be a problem.

      Thanks for having a look and a comment on this blog. I will definitely send you a link to a photo of the Virginia Rail and I look forward to seeing some of your videos as well.



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