Bald Eagle Nest – Week One

Hello there.  I am ready to announce an ongoing project we have started recently.  A friend of mine informed me of a newly built Bald Eagle nest on his neighbor’s property.  With his help and that of the property owners, G & C, we discovered some viewing locations that worked well for photography while not stressing the birds too terribly.  We are keeping the location secret, but I will say it is found along the Meramec River in St. Louis County, MO.  Thanks so much to everyone involved who has helped me get these images.  It has been an incredible experience.  The chicks are now approximately five weeks old.  The images in this post were taken when the chicks were less than a week old.  I hope to continue weekly monitoring and photography until they fledge, which should take place at 10-12 weeks.

Week One
Week One

The nest is located ~ 75 feet in a large sycamore.  The reason we have such an excellent viewing angle into the nest is that the nest tree grows at the bottom of the river valley’s ridge.  We are placed at about the same height on the steep ridge, about 200-300 feet or so from the nest.  An uncomfortable place to watch, but worth it.

Week One
Week One

We have all been shocked by their speedy growth rate.  These are likely first time parents, but they have been doing an excellent job of raising these two, as far as I can tell.  😉  There is an obvious difference in size between the two chicks, that can still be see today.

Week One
Week One


One thought on “Bald Eagle Nest – Week One

  1. Vary cool Bill good job I’m looking forweard to the photos that will be coming the next couple of months

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