2 comments on “Big Spring Handles Big Waters

  1. Man, excellent coverage of this event, Bill. I’ve been visiting Big Spring my entire life and have never once seen such a striking “Confluence Contradiction.” An employee at the Emminence Forest District told me yesterday of extreme flooding on the upper Jacks Fork during this same rain event. He had asked to be notified when the Buck Hollow boat launch at Hwy 17 reached 4 feet (levels surpassing this begin to be unsafe if I understood correctly). An hour later he received a text from the same source stating that the same location now had 14 feet! He seemed reluctant to believe that a 10-foot rise in 1 hour could be possible but, knowing the Jacks Fork’s nature and lack of a flood plain, and given that rate and amount of rainfall, he couldn’t discredit it. I thought, too, of the kayaker at Silvermines dam who told us of the waters at Amidon rising 4 feet in about the same amount of time, right? Would NOT want to be caught on the river at such a time.

    Easily the best Jack-In-the-Pulpit image I’ve ever seen. The lighting and background are as lovely as the subject. This surely will make the exhibit, yes?

    ” ‘Planely’ Flooded ” flood plane = most brilliant title EVER!!! I love it! 🙂

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