Coastal Wanderer – The Brown Pelican Visits the Show-Me State

Brown Pelican - 6A1A7149
One of these is not like the other…

Typically found in warmer coastal waters of the Americas, St. Louis birders were in for a treat by the visit of this Brown Pelican that arrived about a month ago.

Brown Pelican - Preening
Brown Pelican – Preening

The bird has been seen consistently and may stick around at RMBS for the rest of the summer.

Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican

Unfortunately, these photos were strongly affected by heat wave distortion that was prominant on this clear day.

The Brown Bomber
The Brown Bomber

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Birds of Puerto Rico – Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican

Talk about the place to eat.  I had a great time watching these birds preening and carrying on over the mangrove patches at a fantastic Mediterranean style restaurant named Santorini Ocean Lounge Restaurant.  Parts Greek, Spanish and Puerto Rican, seafood is the reason to dine here.  Add the views of the Caribbean Sea, potential for birds, English menus and servers and craft beer, and there is no reason to eat anywhere else in the area near the Holiday Inn in Ponce.

Less social than the American White Pelican, the Brown Pelican usually hunts alone and frequently dives for its food.  The American White is considered accidental as far south as Puerto Rico, but the Brown is quite common across southern shorelines.  This bird kept eyeing my seafood paella.

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