One comment on “On Generic Battery Replacements and Local Camera Stores

  1. Bill,

    I had a similar experience several years ago with my original Canon Digital Rebel. I was able to buy 4 aftermarket batteries for the price of 1 OEM Canon. They were even rated higher mAh, which would be nice. I took a trip to Chicago with them all and about 15 minutes into being at the Shed Aquarium the camera was dead. Hmm…curious. Even with 2 in the battery grip this seemed odd. I had a spare set with me, changed them out and got maybe another 15-20 minutes with them. We got back to the hotel and I threw them all in the chargers, they went from 3 blinks to charged in about 10 minutes. Took them off, put them back in and they were no good. I bought a second OEM battery and it was good to go.

    Currently I have a whole bunch of OLD bp-511’s that are actually working fairly good. I will say that I will never go back to anything but OEM batteries. I have 1 pair of aftermarket batteries that actually do seem to working as well as the OEM but i cant remember the names.

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