Monarch Eclosion

I finally found a monarch caterpillar on one of my plants after a 3-4 year absence.  Knowing the poor success rate when I had them in the yard in previous years, I decided to try my hand at rearing this one inside.  I read a little on proper practices online and had received some advice from someone I work with (thanks Tim!) and watched as the little one put on the weight at the expense of my common milkweed I harvested from the garden.  Unfortunately the idea for a time lapse project came too late and .  I wasn’t prepared and wasn’t knowledgeable enough about the metamorphosis process.  I tried my best.  I made several mistakes and will hopefully remember these next time.  I also had a couple of equipment failures that caused me to miss a couple of gaps many hours in length.  Tim and his family have successfully reared and released a good number of monarchs this year and tag them for hopeful data points on the migratory routes (just like in birds).  He had an extra tag and I tagged the little female prior to her release.  Hopefully she will make it the ~1800 miles from central Missouri to central Mexico where she will overwinter before heading back north again next spring.

Even with the problems, I kind of like the outcome.  I can’t wait to try again… 😉

4 thoughts on “Monarch Eclosion

  1. What a great video! How did you create the time-lapse – with stills or video? Nice to see the butterfly fly off starting her new life…

  2. Just watched! Really special, sir. Love the release at the end, and once again thought the music was spot-on. Great job!

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