3 comments on “Tasty Like a Raindrop – She’s Got the Look

  1. “Tasty like a raindrop”? I love a writer with a flair for metaphor. I posted a movie last spring about Wilson’s Phalaropes (females) eating tiny bugs at Heron Pond at Riverlands. I wish I had known then some of the info you provided. I didn’t know that the females fought for males. When I told my husband, his eyes widened and he decided he wanted to be a Phalarope. Anytime I post a movie that you’ve written a blog about, feel free to let me know it, because I’ll almost surely find out something I hadn’t known. Of course, by that time, it’ll be too late to include the info in the movie. ;-( Anyway, I’m following your blog now, so I’ll have some idea what you’ve written about. And whenever I’m thinking of writing about an insect, I might ask you if it’s one you’ve posted about. I’ve been collecting footage lately of perching dragonflies.

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