2 comments on “Death of a Pollinator

  1. Vary good Bill thanks for the info on the Milkweed and if you have any seeds left this year I would love to get some. Bill do you have any photos of the hummingbird moth ? We found one last year in the yard that is a interesting mouth.

  2. Bill, I’ve bought a macro camcorder and dabbled a little in filming insects (a spider taking down her web, a Praying Mantis, and bumblebee awaking in the morning on a flower), so I found these pictures riveting. In fact, I showed them to my husband, Connie. The spider’s camouflage is wonderful. I got footage last year of a funnel spider and even footage of a male leaving her tunnel after the pair had mated. I think it’s time to make that movie. Do you happen to know any fascinating facts about them?

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