Tis the Season for Eagles

During the past week were were fortunate enough to have sub-freezing temperatures across the region, signifying the beginning of one of my favorite parts of the season – the congregation of much of the mid-western population of Bald Eagles at the lock and dams along the Mississippi River.  Although we will still need to wait a couple or few more weeks for the large numbers, hoping for the cold in order to freeze the river completely, I was still able to make a few photos of fishing birds at Clarksville’s Lock and Dam #24 yesterday.  The image below, showing what I believe to be a late-second year bird just before impact, is an early favorite.

On the Hunt...
On the Hunt…

The next image is a head-shot of an adult bird from a nice walk-through of the World Bird Sanctuary that Sarah and I took over the holiday break.

Bald Eagle Portrait
Bald Eagle Portrait


One thought on “Tis the Season for Eagles

  1. Hi Bill – a few weeks ago, we were driving back from Eureka Sprgs AR and outside of Berryville saw eagles perched in an old oak – looked like a flock of sparrows ( but huge and with white heads – smiles) Its always a thrill to see these gorgeous creatures in our neighborhood this time of year! Always enjoy your wonderful photos and post – K

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