5 comments on “A Couple Autumn Days in Forest and Stream

  1. Superb, sir. Such a desire to return I can hardly stand it. “Wild Horizons” will easily rank among my Top 3 favorite landscapes. It is the Ozark experience: a deep fulfillment, but unquenchable longing; gratitude for what is preserved, but mourning for all that is lost, perhaps never to return. Beautifully rendered, Bill. Thank you.

  2. Hey Bill. Love your work! Would you mind if we shared your blog and photos on our Facebook/Twitter? I am the President of the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, a nonprofit organization that helps sick, injured and orphaned wildlife as well as provide residents of the bi-state area with humane wildlife conflict resolutions. We can credit you, link to you, or link to your Facebook/Twitter, promote whatever you like, to make it worthwhile for you too. You can reach me via email at angel -atsign- wildlifehotline -dot-com-. (Written strangely to avoid spam bots.) Thanks!!

  3. wow , thank you for taking me along on that trip and showing me a part of the world I will probably not get to visit. blessed be the irish , oh and otters oh and all of nature.

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