Dunn Ranch Bison

Here are a few of my favorite images of Buffa Bison that make their home at Dunn Ranch Prairie.  These were taken during Steve and my trip there this past summer.


Young had been born just a couple months before our arrival.


Oh no, run!  It’s Ozark Bill!


I’m continuously amazed by the speed of these guys.  They slowed down for the youngsters a little, but not much.


Moving up and over the hilly landscape is no problem for these guys.


What could possibly be more satisfying than watching that hot globe fall out of a large open sky with a view like this?


One thought on “Dunn Ranch Bison

  1. An unforgettable taste of what once was. What a privilege. Beaming with memories as golden as that sunset. Most grateful for your skill in preserving and generosity in sharing these images, sir.

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