An Evening at Hughes Mountain Natural Area

I’ve discussed Hughes Mountain Natural Area a few times in this blog.  There is still so much I have yet to discover and photograph here, that I am always keen to pay a visit.  Typically, plants go quickly dormant and animals become hard to find during summer’s dog days.  The cooler, wet summer we are had this year provided an extended window of activity for many of the residents of this glade-covered knob.  These images were taken during a July evening as Steve and I paid a visit to one of our mutual favorite destinations.

For a while now, I’ve know of the first citizen I’d like to introduce to you.  Because I often have troubles slowing down and looking around, I had never actually seen one of these guys until this summer.  Of course, they are everywhere you look.  I am speaking of the Lichen Grasshopper, a species perfectly adapted at blending in with the lichen-covered exposed rocks on igneous glades such as those found at Hughes Mountain.


Lichen Grasshopper

As I was destroying my delicate knees and elbows trying to get a shot of these weary grasshoppers I happened across this gal, a mamma Wolf Spider, out for a stroll with the kids.  She didn’t seem to mind the paparazzo activity.


Mamma Wolf

The Fame Flower, a member of the succulent tending, Purslane family, is also known as Rock Pink and Flower-of-an-Hour, due to the ephemeral flowers opening late in the afternoon.  The flowers of this magnificent little plant are suspended on fine, wispy, leafless stalks (scape) many times longer than the short, succulent leaves.  Any small breeze sets these warmly saturated blooms swaying back and forth, bringing difficulty to obtaining a nice photograph.  Bravos to Steve for identifying this one!


Fame Flower

Finally, I wanted to provide a “habitat shot” that exemplifies where these organisms can be found.  Hopefully next time I can show you some of the other kind-hearted citizens of the Ozark Glades, like the Tarantula, the Black Widow and Scorpions.


Moist Times

One thought on “An Evening at Hughes Mountain Natural Area

  1. The lichen grasshopper’s pattern and hues couldn’t be more perfectly matched if the lichen itself was growing over its body. Incredible. Even the antennae are patterned!

    A little disappointed there are only three common names for Fame Flower 😉 Think I prefer Rock Pink myself.

    “Moist Times” features everything necessary to perfectly recall the mood and happenings of that evening. Love it. Especially glad to see some Pine Weed in the foreground!

    You’ve done it again. Thank you, sir!

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