4 thoughts on “Mondays are for the Birds – Trumpeter Swan

  1. So after 4 separate viewings the brown streak finally caught my eye. Gives your caption an entirely different, richer meaning 😉 Guess this wouldn’t be an altogether appropriate addition to you “Alton Angels” series, would it? 😉

    1. You are the first person to make this connection. I should have offered a prize or something… Isn’t there a saying or a movie or something that has something to do with “Angels with dirty wings…”? 😉

      1. HA! Yes, if you ever watched the original “Home Alone,” you’re probably remembering Kevin watching “Angels With Filthy Souls,” in which gangster Johnny counts to 2 (instead of 10) before pumping this guys guts full of lead, afterward remarking, “And keep the change, ya filthy animal.” Apparently this was a parody of an earlier 1938 gangster film, “Angels With Dirty Faces.”

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