Look for it…

“All this you surely will see, and much more, if you are prepared to see it, -if you look for it.  Otherwise, regular and universal as this phenomenon is, whether you stand on the hill-top or in the hollow, you will think for threescore years and ten that all the wood is, at this season, sear and brown.  Objects are concealed from our view, not so much because they are out of the course of our visual ray as because we do not bring our minds and eyes to bear on them; for there is no power to see in the eye itself, any more than in any other jelly.  We do not realize how far and widely, or how near and narrowly, we are to look.  The greater part of the phenomena of Nature are for this reason concealed from us all our lives.”

-Henry David Thoreau-


“More Painted Leaves″
Technical details: Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera, EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @ 75mm, ISO 100,  f/11, 1/13 sec

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