Birds of the Texas Gulf Coast – Cowbirds

Bronzed Cowbird – Icteridae – Molothrus  aeneus – Anahuac NWR, TX.

Of course, going to a new region for birding is great for finding those species that you have long-anticipated being able to see.  In the Texas gulf coast region the Roseate Spoonbill, the Tri-colored Heron, the Crested Caracara and quite a few others can be fit into this category.  I have done enough of this type of birding now to get just as excited by the surprises – finding the species I wasn’t expecting, or had not even heard of.  The Bronzed Cowbird was one such species during our trip in May.

Bronzed Cowbird – Icteridae – Molothrus aeneus – Anahuac NWR, TX.

And the way we got to see this bird for the first time, by performing this hovering display for the ladies, was quite memorable.  He kept this position – not moving his head from the chain-link section seen  here for several seconds.  Check out the bright red iris on these guys.

Still Performing – Bronzed Cowbird – Icteridae – Molothrus aeneus – Anahuac NWR, TX.

We also saw a few of the more common Brown-headed Cowbirds.  It was nice seeing them in open habitat where they actually belonged and not reeking havoc in the fragmented forests back home.

Brown-headed Cowbird – Icteridae – Molothrus ater – Anahuac NWR, TX.


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