Return to the Kingdom of Quivira

I have previously discussed and shared a number of our photos from previous trips to Quivira NWR.  Steve and I recently returned from a short trip to central Kansas and I wanted to share a quick photo.  Last year we had sure looks and photos of Hudsonian Godwits.  This year one of the highlights of the trip was finding a group of 23 Marbled Godwits.

Marbled Godwit
Marbled Godwit

We were a bit earlier this year than last and this combined with a longer, cooler spring, bird species diversity and overall numbers were a tad lower.  Constant abusing winds made the cool temperatures nearly unbearable to sustain for long, especially with two dudes who dressed for spring.  But, we just worked a little harder and made the best use of good light, higher temps and calmer winds when we could find them.  Another unforgettable trip.

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