I don’t know why Acadian Flycatchers are always screaming for a pizza.  Have you ever watched one of these try and bite a piece off?  Not a fun sight.

So those photographers who use Flickr, what is your final opinion on those changes they sprang on us?  It has turned my world upside down.  I can’t stand the damn thing now and I am looking into alternatives.  I never thought I’d be saying that.


2 thoughts on “Peet-sah!

  1. Beautiful shot!

    I’m sticking with flickr (for the time being, at least), mostly because I have so much work there already, and I genuinely like the way individual photos look now. I *hate* the default page displays, though, with the infinite scroll of edge-to-edge photos, and the way sets/groups have been kind of downgraded/hidden. That edge-to-edge presentation often feels aggressive and overwhelming to me, and I know a lot of my favorite contacts are leaving — it bums me out, although I can certainly understand it.

  2. Such a great shot given the low light of that forest interior. ~ I think on this day his calls may have been more a commentary on the incessant scat storm than his usual pizza obsession 😉

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