3 comments on “Location Spotlight: Turner’s Grist Mill & Spring

  1. My Great Grand Father John Letcher Clay Turner bought and hauled the wheel on six wagons to Eleven Point River where he and two other men put it together. My Grand Father Oba Turner and his brothers and one sister raised their children on almost 1,000 ackers. They were forced to sell all this land to the government for $75,000 with the promise to rebuild the homeplace and all other buildings for the history of it, but never kept their promise. They just went in and tore all down and let it all grow up.What a waste. I can remember spending the best years of my life there. What a beautiful place it was!

    • I wish I could have seen it back then. It don’t surprise me that our government did that, they break promises all the time. I wish that it would have been kept up and I am sorry your family was lied to. I would love to see some old pic’s.

  2. Hello Betty! Thanks so much for your words. Every time I visit the spring site I think about what it must have been like in the town of Surprise. It would be interesting to see the other building as they stood then. As it stands now, the spring and nature in general seem to be taking the area back. I have noticed that the concrete/rock walls that used to funnel the water are falling apart.

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