More from the 2019 Rut

I was mostly pleased with the images made from my first real attempt at photographing the white-tailed deer rut last year. Here are a few more I thought worthy of sharing.

Late in the day, with the sun below the horizon, this buck finally crossed the field and wound up incredibly close to where I was hidden.
This forky is checking the morning air, likely trying to tell if a receptive female is nearby.
This spike buck followed the larger buck, attempting to spar.
Mom with her two fawns. Miguel and I were happy to be able to fool this attentive doe. The does are always the ones who discover us first.
I was not hidden during this one, just walking about and found these three browsing on a hillside.
We haven’t been able to get close enough to the really large and older bucks, like this ‘wide – 8’. Hopefully next year.
We were hitting the estrus bleats so well that bucks were lining up to get a look at us. However, these two were not in an optimal shooting lane.
I would really like to know this guy’s breeding success rate. A large-bodied buck with a relatively small rack.
This guy was seriously trying to find the source of the bleating doe, running back and forth in front of our position. Sucker.
This young spike buck was one of our first targets of the season.
A better look at the buck in the neighborhood who I shot from my back patio.

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