Passiflora incarnata (passionflower, maypops) Image composed of a focus stack of 27 exposures.

Recently, I’ve taken the plunge and given some serious efforts into focus stacking in macro photography. This method allows the photographer to increase the depth of field in a scene by combining multiple exposures, each focused on a separate plane of focus. Afterwards, the different exposures are combined using powerful processing software on the computer. This particular image was built from 27 photos all taken at an aperture of f/8.

I will definitely miss our yard full of native plants when we make our change in residence, including the passionflowers. Maybe I’ll get to harvest this year’s crop of fruit one more time to make my own juice.

Although I don’t share in these beliefs, I really can appreciate the connections and story that the Christian thinkers put upon the Passiflora when they were introduced to these new world plants. Here is the story they used to connect this interesting group to Christian symbolism.


2 thoughts on “MayPOPS!

  1. Nice photo. I definetely do not share in their beliefs. I do understand that they impose their mythology on innocent, non christian plants. These are interesting plants.

  2. Impressive is an understatement. True macro 1:1, is an unappreciated skillset, adding focusing stacking to that skillset, takes it to another level.

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