Bald Eagle Nest – Week Eight – Part One

There were no real interesting shots taken during the hour that I spent at the nest in week seven.  So, let’s skip to week eight, where I found the birds to be more active.

The first two shots were taken from the other side of the river.

Week Eight – Exercising
Week Eight - Mom's Home!
Week Eight – Mom’s Home!
Week Eight - Portrait Time
Week Eight – Portrait Time
Week Eight - Getting Large
Week Eight – Getting Large
Week Eight - More Fish
Week Eight – More Fish

Nesting Birds of Missouri – Cerulean Warbler

Did you know…?

The Cerulean Warbler population has declined more than 80% since breeding bird surveys began in 1966?  Habitat destruction, in the form of mountaintop removal and stream filling in the Appalachians, and forest destruction for agriculture in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, along with wintering grounds destruction for coffee and cocoa production in South America are responsible.  Habitat preservation via cessation of deforestation in both nesting grounds and wintering forests are crucial if we are to continue hearing the Cerulean song.

Cerulean Warbler
Cerulean Warbler

Nesting Birds of Missouri – Warbling Vireo

At riverine locals like RMBS, the warbling song of the Warbling Vireo can be heard all day long throughout the summer.  However, they have always given me grief when it came to getting a photograph – lurking shyly among the leafy branches of the Cottonwood.  This year, I hit a trail where I know they set territories for nesting.  Early in the spring, before the leaves expanded, I was able to follow this guy as he made the rounds and get some photos.

Warbling Vireo
Warbling Vireo
Warbling Vireo
Warbling Vireo


Nesting Birds of Missouri – Barred Owl

Who cooks for you all?  My chef of a wife, Sarah, that’s who… 😉

No, not a song bird today.  I was lucky enough to come across this Owl during a day hike this spring.  Usually, an Owl spotting OZB does whatever it can to escape, but this guy seemed not to be concerned and continued to scan the ground for mice and voles roaming through the leaf litter as I took its picture.

Barred Owl
Barred Owl
Barred Owl